Vendor Delivery Schedule:

Elmore Mountain Bread:

Elmore Mountain Bread is a wood-fired micro-bakery and stone ground flour mill located in Elmore, Vermont. Their breads are made entirely with organic and regionally sourced wheat and specialty grains, all of which are ground into flour on their stone mill at the bakery. They are carefully hand-crafted and hearth-baked in their custom wood-fired brick oven.

Delivers: Tuesday, Friday, and (Sunday – sliced bread only)

Manghis Bread:

Manghis strives to be an asset to the community as a solid contributor to the local economy, a sustainable business model, and concerned community advocate. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment with our unique volunteer delivery system.

Delivers: Wednesday, Friday

Patchwork Farm & Bakery:

Patchwork began making bread about 14 years ago. Their bread is baked on brick in the Northeast Kingdom.

Delivers: Tuesday, Friday

Krins Bakery:

Krins is a community of 7 Huntington women bringing diligence, humor, and really good taste buds to work every day.

Their team is devoted to delicious baked goods made in small batches with deep attention to the baking process. They bring pride to their production process, using only “real” ingredients (butter instead of shortening, sugar instead of corn syrup). From ingredient choice to the mixing bowl, from oven to cooling rack, they bring that sense of pride from their kitchen to you.

Delivers: Wednesday

Black River Produce and Meats

Since its inception in 1978, Black River Produce’s focus has been distributing quality locally grown product throughout New England. They partner with over 600 growers and producers with a team of over 200 employees. They take pride in the underlying, but central role, they play as the fresh connection between regional producers and our over 3,000 wholesale customers.

Delivers: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Misty Knoll chicken from Black River on Thursday only)

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