Dairy Department

Fresh local milk is delivered within hours of milking time, as well as your favorite yogurts, butter, and kefir can always be found in the dairy case.


The Co-op carries Dairy from the following with more vendors being added often:


  •  Barn First Creamery

Barn First is an award-winning goat dairy in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They make 7 types of cheese along with bottling pasteurized goat milk.

  •  Sweet Rowan Farmstead

Sweet Rowan Farmstead produces gently pasteurized bottled milk and small batch artisan cheeses.

  •  Cabot Creamery

Cabot Creamery, owned and operated by real farmers, has been making award-winning cheddar & other dairy products since 1919.

  •  Organic Valley

Organic Valley is a cooperative of family farmers. They combine time-honored recipes with pasture-raised milk to produce the best organic foods for you and your family.

  •  Strafford Creamery

Strafford Creamery is a 600-acre family farm that manages the land organically, with no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. They process their milk into reusable glass bottles, using HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) pasteurization which they feel best preserves the flavor and texture of the milk.

  •  Mansfield Dairy

Mansfield Dairy is a family-run business since 1970 located in Stowe, VT.

  •  Rogers Farmstead

Rogers Farmstead grows a variety of organic grains on their family farm in Berlin, VT. They have a small herd of registered Jersey cows that are pasture-raised, milked twice a day and provide some of the tastiest milk products around.

  •  Ploughgate Creamery

Ploughgate Creamery has been crafting small-batch, cultured butter of the finest quality in Vermont since 2014.

  •  Kerrygold Butter

Produced from Ireland’s largest agri-food cooperative, the milk used to make Kerrygold butter and cheeses is from grass-fed cows milk. This is creates a butter rich in beta-carotene.

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