2022 Board Nominees

David Carter

I am a charter member of Morrisville Food Co-op, and returned to the Board at the beginning of 2022 to fill a vacant seat. I’m a strong proponent of supporting the local economy. I first became involved with the local food movement while working at the former Highfields Center for Composting in Hardwick in 2009. Local food sourcing shortens the supply chain, minimizes delivery costs and helps our friends and neighbors. I think it’s important to have an alternative to the large chain supermarkets, and our local co-op fills that niche. I want to continue my involvement to help our membership and community involvement continue to grow.

Megan Davin

I am running for the Morrisville Food Co-op board because I have a deep passion for local and sustainable food networks and how they benefit communities. I want to support organizations that emphasize healthy, organic, fresh, and locally produced products and support local growers, farms, and producers. I moved back to Morrisville a year ago, after being away from Vermont for 6 years. My professional skills are in marketing and communication and I hope to use these skills to support the Co-op. I have worked a variety of professions within the outdoor industry including as sales representative, customer service, event planner, social media manager, and social media influencer manager. While I have not previously been on a board, I have worked with a non-profit, SheJumps, and their board members in the past.

Stephanie Davison

I’m interested because I am generally supportive of co-ops and have been a member of several over the years. When I returned to Vermont after 27 years living in Montana, I was excited to learn about MOCO. Morrisville and the area is growing and changing and I think a lot of opportunities exist for the Co-op, especially in growing the prepared food area, providing high quality food that is not so expensive that it excludes people. I work for CVOEO, a community action agency in Burlington. I am the director of organizational development and quality improvement and have an extensive background in community development. I introduced the farm-to-school initiative (using Vermont’s curriculum) to my children’s elementary school in Bozeman, back when these kinds of initiatives were new.

Jessica Seddon

I would like to run for the Morrisville Co-op board as a way of contributing to building a community space (around food) in Morrisville. I see food as a way to bring people together, and at the same time to expand horizons and build a sense of connection to other places. Food also creates openings to highlight our interactions with the environment and other species. What I bring to the board: local connections – I am originally from Westfield, VT and have owned a house in Morrisville since 2012; global perspectives (and cooking skills) – I lived in India for 11 years and have traveled extensively and with attention to food (Latin America, Middle East, Asia); project and program management skills. I have 25+ years of teaching, writing, program management/leadership on sustainable development across U.S., Latin America, India, global programs.

Susan Titterton

Current Board Vice Chair, running to fill a 1-year vacant board seat. I have been a long-time supporter since 2011, serving on the Task Force that began work to create the Morrisville Food Co-op in 2011 and also on the very first board. Over the years, I’ve served on many committees – Events, Outreach, Nominating, Member Loan, and Corn Roast. My husband and I own 46 Pleasant Street and are the store’s landlord. I will continue to disclose any potential conflict of interest and recuse myself from any discussion or vote related to the lease. I work to help our Co-op thrive because it’s such an important anchor institution for vibrancy in the village, a support for local growers and producers, and a centerpiece for our community. What I bring to the board are my knowledge of our history, organizational & facilitation skills, community connections, and an enduring commitment to helping our co-op to survive and thrive.

David Wallack

I’ve been a Vegan for most of the last 30 years. High quality, healthy, whole, nutritious food is something I care deeply about. I bring deep experience in consensus and community building processes like appreciative inquiry. I’ve consulted with a wide variety of business about how to breakthrough to the next level in both an operational sense and a team development sense. I grew up working in restaurants and retail. I have served on many nonprofit and for profit boards and currently run a nonprofit that helps state and local treasurers throughout the U.S. create a more sustainable, inclusive, and just economy. When I look at the Morrisville Coop, I see strength and opportunity in the employees, the management, and the community; I’d like to be a part of leveraging that positive core to make it even better.

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